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Servicemembers: Deployment

Military Leave of Absence

Walden University stands ready to support those students who need to take time off from their program due to a deployment, military operation, or national emergency through our Military Leave of Absence (MLOA) Policy. If it becomes apparent that a military obligation will make it difficult or impossible to either continue participation in classes or be successful in an academic program, you have two broad options to explore: 

  1. Meet with the instructor and discuss whether any of the following options are viable:
  •  See if enough coursework has been completed in order to receive a final grade for the current class or classes.
  •  Request an incomplete in the current class or classes.

      2. Meet with an academic advisor and discuss whether any of the following options are viable:

  • Drop or withdraw from current class or classes.
  • Request a standard leave of absence.
  • Request a MLOA. 

If you decide to request a MLOA, you must submit a leave of absence request via your student portal and include the following documents: 

  1.  Written Statement—The purpose of this statement is to thoroughly explain the situation and how/why it affects your academic performance. The statement should include the dates on which the leave period will start and end.
  2. Supporting Documentation—The most common supporting document of a military obligation is military orders. A memorandum from your immediate supervisor is another common supporting document. 

Military leave periods are granted for up to 365 days with the option to extend the leave period up to but not exceeding 545 days. After 545 days, a student will be administratively withdrawn from the university until you are ready to resume studies.

A military obligation is “mission-centered,” which means that every aspect of a military service member’s life is not necessarily a military obligation. If you need time away from your studies to relocate (Permanent Change of Station—PCS) or because you are assigned to temporary duty (Temporary Duty Assignment—TDY or Temporary Assignment of Duty—TAD), you need only request a standard leave of absence (see University Leave of Absence Policy).

If you choose to withdraw from your classes due to military obligations, you may submit a tuition waiver petition to be reviewed by a committee.  The tuition waiver form is located in your student portal. Military students who withdraw with an approved MLOA will receive a grade of W even if you withdraw after the last day to withdraw from classes. You will then be required to retake those courses upon your return.

If you are using federal financial aid, federal loan obligations, or military tuition assistance, you must contact your lenders or the military education office to ascertain your loan repayment status or repayment of tuition assistance during the leave of absence. Those of you receiving benefits under the GI Bill® will have your benefits terminated for the term of absence and any subsequent terms of absence that have been appropriately certified.