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Military Services

Policies and Procedures: Military Leniency


The Request for Leniency process is used when you experience a short-term interruption to your program and/or ability to participate in your course due to your military commitments. This process is available to students who do not need or may not qualify for a Military Leave of Absence.

Military leniency allows you to continue with your coursework while you fulfill your military commitments. If your military commitments will affect your ability to meet an assignment deadline or may have major impact on your performance in a course, you may request that your instructor(s) consider offering extra time. Your instructor will determine how much time is acceptable.

To request a military leniency:

  1. Email your military documentation (copy of orders or letter from your Commanding Officer) to the Office of Military Services at so that they can verify the military commitment.
  2. Email your instructor to request leniency. Be specific about how extra much time you need and your plan to make up the work missed. Be sure to copy the Office of Military Services on the request.

The Office of Military Services will email your instructor; however, the instructor will make the final decision to grant or deny the leniency request based on course requirements and your ability to make up the missed work.