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HUMN 8702 Introduction to the Dynamics of Conflict and Negotiation: Welcome & Course Readings

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HUMN 8702 Course Readings

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Bar-Tal, D. (2014). Collective memory as social representations. Papers on Social Representations, 23, 5.1–5.26

Coyle, J. P. (2012). Overcoming deadlocked conflicts between teens and parents: A resilience-based model for family intervention. Journal of Family Psychotherapy, 23(1), 1–19.

Hosli, M. O., & Hoekstra, A. (2013). What fosters enduring peace? An analysis of factors influencing civil war resolution. Peace Economics, Peace Science, & Public Policy, 19(2), 123–155.  Not available in the library

Lancaster, C., Lenz, A. S., Meadows, E., & Brown, K. C. (2013). Evaluation of a conflict resolution program for urban African American adolescent girls. Journal for Specialists In Group Work, 38(3), 225–240

Olaniyan, A., Francis, M., & Okeke-Uzodike, U. (2015). The Cattle are "Ghanaians" but the Herders are Strangers: Farmer-Herder Conflicts, Expulsion Policy, and Pastoralist Question in Agogo, Ghana. African Studies Quarterly, 15(2), 53–67.

Prause, D., & Mujtaba, B. G. (2015). Conflict management practices for diverse workplaces. Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, 6(3), 13-22.

Rosen, G.& Shlay A. B. (2014). Whose right to Jerusalem? International Journal of Urban & Regional Research, 38(3) 935–950.

Roy, B., Burdick, J., & Kriesberg, L. (2010). A conversation between conflict resolution and social movement scholars. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 27(4), 347–368.

Saeidi, S. (2012). Reconsidering categories of analysis: Possibilities for feminist studies of conflict. Gender & History, 24(3), 799–824

Other Readings

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