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Center for Global, Professional,
and Applied Learning

Field Experience


The Center for Global, Professional, and Applied Learning works with field sites, nonprofit organizations, small businesses, and employers to provide opportunities for students seeking to use their skills in a professional setting.The Applied Learning Contracts team assists Walden programs in establishing collaborative agreements with community partners participating in these projects.

Analena Lunde  
I wanted to gain the skills to work on state and national advisory councils developing programs for survivors of human trafficking. I also wanted to work with multiple agencies to coordinate follow-up and long-term recovery, especially in rural areas. Analena Lunde, Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Graduate, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Graduate


Required Field Experience

Walden University has more than 20 programs \with required field experience, including programs in counseling, education, health sciences, nursing, social work, and psychology. Field Experience allows students to provide valuable service while furthering their development as professional. These transformative experiences are made possible through collaborative relationships with thousands of sites.

Kelly Donahue  
Walden University helped me greatly in developing my clinical skills, which I utilize every day in my career as an in-home child and family therapist. Kelly Donahue, Master of Social Work (MSW) Graduate