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SOC-OFE Doctoral Students: Walden In-House Internship Opportunities

Walden In-House Internship Opportunities

Walden offers a variety of In-House Opportunities that eligible PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision students can apply to for Doctoral Internship hours.

  • You may apply for up to three (3) Walden In-House Opportunities
  • Positions are competitive - students are not guaranteed In-House Opportunities
  • You should have a non-Walden back-up in mind in case you are not awarded the placement(s) that you request.
  • You will be expected to commit to 2 quarters



In-House Placement Request Window Opens

In-House Placement Request Window Closes

Notification of Placement

Internship Application Deadline


November 15

December 15

January 1

January 15


February 15

March 15

April 1

April 15


May 15

June 15

July 1

July 15


August 15

September 15

October 1

October 15


Requests for Walden In-House Opportunities must be submitted one (1) month prior to the Doctoral Internship Application Deadline.

You will be notified whether you are selected for in-house placements by the first of the following month.

Current In-House Opportunities:

Walden Assessment and Accreditation

Domain: Leadership & Advocacy

Hours: 5-10 hours per week, 50-100 hours per quarter

Contact: Dr. Greg Phipps


This Assessment and Accreditation internship position provides an opportunity for a PhD in CES intern to work with the Assessment Committee and the CACREP Liaison on matters related to ongoing assessment projects as well as accreditation projects in the School of Counseling. The intern will work with mapping standards and program outcomes, reviewing and updating rubrics for courses, and supporting data analysis activities of the Assessment Committee. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about assessment and accreditation in counselor education.

Walden Chi Sigma Iota Mentor

Domain: Leadership & Advocacy

Hours: 1-5 hours per week



The Mentoring program of Chi Sigma Iota-Omega Zeta is designed to provide a support system for our Walden students.  As a mentor, you will provide guidance and resources for the student in the area they have identified as needing mentorship.  Each mentor will be assigned to help the student navigate the plethora of resources provided by Walden to ensure their success in their program as well as to assist in the student’s ability to interact in a professional manner as they engage with other professionals.

Each mentor will meet with their assigned mentee a minimum of 30 minutes per week but no more than 1 hour per week to provide mentoring in the area identified by the student. The mentor will participate in an initial training session, then meet monthly with the Mentoring Committee to collaborate on the mentoring process for the assigned student.

To apply, each student should submit, along with their CV, a cover letter that includes a substantive paragraph of their mentoring philosophy and the number of students they are interested in mentoring.

Walden Skills Development and Enhancement

Domain: Supervision

Hours: up to 100

Contact: Dr. Nina Spadaro


The SoC Skills Development Committee (SDC) is designed to support Walden counseling students in their clinical skill development in counseling from the beginning to the end of their program as well as across all programs. The SDC is comprised of SoC faculty members who are referred to as faculty mentors. The SDC is under the administration of the SoC Skills Coordinator. The opportunity is 100% virtual. The primary virtual (online) tasks of the SDC is to work directly with masters level students in one-on-one skills mentoring within the parameters of several kinds of Skills Plans.

The SoC Skills Enhancement Lab (SEL) is a sanctuary for counseling skills learning. The SEL provides one on one counseling-skills mentoring for students who are referred by their Pre-Practicum faculty. The SEL is offered once per term, typically during week 4 of the term. The face-to-face SEL is co-located with the SoC residency pre-practicum. This opportunity is either face-to-face or virtual. Face-to-face locations are ideal if you live in the geographic area and/or can fully support your cost for travel, lodging, etc. Locations by term: Winter - Atlanta, GA, Spring - Houston, TX, Summer - Atlanta, GA, Fall - Orlando, FL.

Walden Teaching Assistant (TA)

Domain: Teaching

Hours: 8-10 hours per week, per course

Contact: Dr. George Beals


Walden Teaching Assistants (TAs) enroll and work as a TA in up to two (2) full-quarter courses. They complete 8-10 hours per week, on average, on assigned tasks, such as posting to discussion boards, grading, etc. They will participate in an initial planning call with assigned TA mentor to outline specific tasks, then meet weekly with the assigned TA mentor throughout the assignment to assess performance, collaborate, and plan for assigned course(s).

Walden Training Development

Domain: Leadership and Advocacy

Hours: 5-10 hours per week, 50-100 hours per quarter

Contact: Dr. K. Elizabeth McDonald


This internship position will actively work with the Director of Skills Training and Curriculum to support projects in the areas of counselor training, supervision education, and other counseling topics. The focus will be on deliverables to update current counseling degree course and/or create continuing education content for licensed counselors.

In your cover letter, please include a short description of how you prefer to be supervised and what you do when a work assignment seems ambiguous.

Pre-Field In-House Opportunities

You are also provided with in-house opportunities throughout the program to earn field experience hours prior to enrollment in Internship:

  • Teaching: All students earn 40 hours in the Teaching domain during Pre-Practicum.
  • Supervision: All students earn at least 15 hours in the Supervision domain for co-supervision of the MS Practicum course during COUN 8135.
  • Counseling: Students are given the option to co-lead the MS Group Lab course during COUN 8115.