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SOC-OFE Doctoral Students: Walden In-House Field Experiences

Walden In-House Internship Opportunities

Walden offers a variety of In-House Opportunities that students can apply to for Doctoral Internship hours.

  • You may request up to three (3) Walden In-House Opportunities
  • Positions are competitive - students are not guaranteed In-House Opportunities
  • You should have a non-Walden back-up in mind in case you are not awarded the placement(s) that you request.
  • You will be expected to commit to 2 quarters



In-House Placement Request Deadline

Notification of Placement

Internship Application Deadline


December 15

January 1

January 15


March 15

April 1

April 15


June 15

July 1

July 15


September 15

October 1

October 15


Requests for Walden In-House Opportunities must be submitted one (1) month prior to the Doctoral Internship Application Deadline.

You will be notified whether you are selected for in-house placements by the first of the following month.

Walden Group Lab

Domain: Counseling

Hours: 14 hours per quarter, per section (up to 28 hours per quarter)

Contact: Dr. Mercianna Oliver


Students lead a distance-based Group Activity of MS Counseling Programs’ Group Labs to gain distance-based group leadership experience. A faculty member will be present for the entire group for support and live feedback. Students approved to conduct this experience are committing to a full quarter of support and withdrawing from that would result in a concern related to professional commitments and ethics of abandoning clients.

Duties include:

  • introducing yourself in week 1
  • working with a co-leader/faculty supervisor in week 2 to prepare for the group
  • leading group during weeks 3 – 9 of the quarter
  • meet with their faculty supervisor and/or coleader following the group for supervision (typically around 30 minutes).
    • The group is 2 hours long each week.
    • Group times will vary and approved students will have the opportunity to choose their preferred time slot(s).

The MS-level experience is described as follows:

GRPL 6100 is an experiential lab in which you learn by doing (i.e., participate in a small group activity). This lab is provided to you as part of your program requirements set forth by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). To maintain CACREP accreditation, all students must participate in a minimum of 10 hours of small group activity over the course of one academic term (CACREP, 2016, 2.F.6.h.)

Important Notes for Practicum Applicants:
Walden University-Group Labs will be denoted on your Field Experience Practicum Application for one of your sites. Practicum students must have at least one additional site for the remaining direct and indirect hours on their applications.

Walden School of Counseling Office of Field Experience

Domain: Leadership and Advocacy

Hours: varies, up to 100

Contact: Dr. Wynn Dupkoski


The School of Counseling Office of Field Experience (SOC-OFE) Intern position works with the SOC-OFE on various projects related to field experience administration. Specific assignments vary, but can include tasks such as addressing student concerns, providing support for student enrolled in field experience and collaborating with the field experience team on projects designed to meet the needs of field experience students (i.e. creation and revision of field experience forms and manuals, student communications, etc.).

Walden Skills Development Committee

Domain: Leadership and Advocacy

Hours: up to 100

Contact: Dr. Nina Spadaro


The SoC Skills Development Committee (SDC) is designed to support Walden counseling students in their clinical skill development in counseling from the beginning to the end of their program as well as across all programs. The SDC is comprised of SoC faculty members who are referred to as faculty mentors. The SDC is under the administration of the SoC Skills Coordinator. The opportunity is 100% virtual. The primary virtual (online) tasks of the SDC is to work directly with masters level students in one-on-one skills mentoring within the parameters of several kinds of Skills Plans.

Walden Skills Enhancement Lab

Domain: Leadership and Advocacy

Hours: up to 100 hours

Contact: Dr. Nina Spadaro


The SoC Skills Enhancement Lab (SEL) is a sanctuary for counseling skills learning. The SEL provides one on one counseling-skills mentoring for students who are referred by their Pre-Practicum faculty. The SEL is offered once per term, typically during week 4 of the term. The face-to-face SEL is co-located with the SoC residency pre-practicum. This opportunity is either face-to-face or virtual. Face-to-face locations are ideal if you live in the geographic area and/or can fully support your cost for travel, lodging, etc. Locations by term: Winter - Atlanta, GA, Spring - Houston, TX, Summer - Atlanta, GA, Fall - Orlando, FL.

Walden Student Development

Domain: Leadership and Advocacy

Hours: 5-10 hours per week, 50-100 hours per quarter

Contact: Dr. Barb Andrews


This Student Development internship position actively works with SOC Student Development Coordinator and the Bridges Program. Bridges offers support, coaching, and mentorship to students immersed in their Field work and are referred to Bridges when identified as needing to build strengths and competencies within their Field Experience performance related to the SOC Key Professional Dispositions.

Each intern will work with small groups of no more than 3 master’s level students per group and focus on building strengths and competencies within the SOC Key Professional Dispositions. The interns provide mentorship and coaching from their own experiences out in the field to help guide and support each students’ personal and professional growth and counselor identity development.

Walden Teaching Assistant (TA)

Domain: Teaching

Hours: 8-10 hours per week, per course

Contact: Dr. Wynn Dupkoski


Walden Teaching Assistants (TAs) enroll and work as a TA in up to two (2) full-quarter courses. They complete 8-10 hours per week, on average, on assigned tasks, such as posting to discussion boards, grading, etc. They will participate in an initial planning call with assigned TA mentor to outline specific tasks, then meet weekly with the assigned TA mentor throughout the assignment to assess performance, collaborate, and plan for assigned course(s).