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Diversity and Inclusion: Resources

Explanation of Resources

This page contains a variety of resources related to gender identities and gender pronouns. Exploring this topic from multiple points of view may aid in deeper understanding. A more conversational tone of a popular source may help us connect to a topic, while the formal language in peer reviewed articles may provide us with a more detailed level of information.

Scholarly Articles

The following can be accessed in the library's databases.

Popular Resources

As/Is. (2015, March 16). Why pronouns matter for trans people [Video file]. Retrieved from

  • Discusses use of correct pronouns as act of respect (2-min video)

Campus Pride. (2018). Trans policy clearinghouse: Colleges and universities that allow students to change the name and gender on campus records and to have their pronouns on course rosters. Retrieved from

  • Lists colleges where students can change their name and gender on records and where students can indicate their pronouns

GLAAD. (n.d.-a). Glossary of terms: Lesbian / gay / bisexual / queer. Retrieved from

GLAAD. (n.d.-b). Glossary of terms: Transgender. Retrieved from

GLAAD. (n.d.-c). Tips for allies of transgender people. Retrieved from 

  • GLAAD's resources define LGBTQ+ terms and make suggestions for how to become a stronger ally

Hale, J. L. (2017, October 25). Should you put your pronouns in your email signature? This inclusive workplace trend is showing up more and more. Retrieved from

  • Addresses adding pronouns to a professional signature line

Merevick, T. (2014, August 29). For transgender college students, a new year means educating professors — again. Retrieved from

  • Details lack of trans inclusiveness on college campuses

Sanders, L. (2018, January 9). What is gender X? New identity is accepted in these states, and Washington and Vermont could be next. Newsweek. Retrieved from

  • Discusses states that allow a third gender option on ID documents

Schmalz, J. (2015). ‘Ask me’: What LGBTQ students want their professors to know. The Chronicle of Higher Education. Retrieved from

  • Students talk about what prevents them from thriving at their universities and campuses

Walden Resources

Raider, J. (2018, June 28). Walden walks with pride. Retrieved from  

Walden University Library. (2018). LGBTQ+ research starter. Retrieved from 

Walden University Writing Center. (2017, October 12). Inclusive language policy announcement (Blog post). Retrieved from