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Usability Testing: Overview


Stuff to include:

  • Test options: types (virtual, moderated, unmoderated, task scenarios, survey, card sort, think aloud, etc), pre- and post- test surveys
  • Test software: LibSurveys, emailmeform, Qualtrics,
  • Participants: where and how to solicit participants (myWalden student portal announcement, Golden Key Society, etc.)
  • Consent form: things to consider, templates, how to administer
  • Incentives: legal language; ideas/recommendations; considerations
  • Remember to share your screen
  • Remember to have the participants fill out the pre-test survey

Walden usability license

Walden testing guidelines : Google’s HEART Framework

Consent form language example

Consent & Recording Release Form

I agree to participate in the usability activity conducted and recorded (audio and computer screen only) by Walden University Library.

I understand and consent to the use and release of the recording by Walden University Library.

I understand that the information and recording will only be used to inform website design and development, and that my name will not be used for any other purpose.

I relinquish any rights to the recording and understand the recording may be copied and used by Walden University without further permission. The recording will be permanently deleted after 1 calendar year.

I understand that participation in this usability activity is voluntary.

I understand that to receive the $10 e-gift card to Amazon I must complete the entire activity.


The Office of Institutional Assessment (OIRA) can assist with:

  • pulling randomized emails for population outreach including:
    • by degree level
    • by program
    • by course
    • by gender, age, location, or ethnicity
  • advising on surveys and test methodology


OIRA and the Institutional Review Board (IRB) may need to be informed of usability tests.


  • needs to review any surveys included in the test (beyond basic contact/program information)


OIRA/IRB need to know:

  • if you plan to publish your findings anywhere external to Walden/Walden University (including conference presentations)