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Customizing Your Cover Letter: What general tips should I consider?

What general tips should I consider?

  • Keep your formatting the same as your resume (i.e. font style, sizes).
  • When applying for a position, follow all directions provided by the employer.
  • If they provide an e-mail address, assume that you are to send your materials via e-mail.
  • Use industry terminology and buzz words whenever possible.
  • Address the letter to a specific person, using Ms. or Mr.  If you are unable to find a name, use the salutation “Dear Search Committee," or “Dear (department name) Department."
  • Use standard business letter format to start off your letter.  Another option is to use the header you utilized in your resume.
  • Keep track of the positions you apply for and organize application materials in a folder on your computer or hard copy.  This will make for easy reference if called for an interview.
  • Be sincere and avoid generic phrases.