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Interview Questions: What is a virtual interview and how do I prepare?

What is a virtual interview and how do I prepare?

A virtual interview uses web-based video conferencing instead of a face-to-face meeting.  Virtual interviews are becoming more popular in our increasingly digital world because they save on time and travel expenses—especially if the job is not near you.

Prepare for a virtual interview with the following tips:

  1. Practice a virtual interview.  Use OptimalResume’s Interview Prep function to record yourself answering common interview questions. You will be able to both see and hear how you come across as an interviewee.
  2. Prepare your space.  Be sure your computer is set up in a quiet space, with a professional background.  Check your lighting to make sure you are visible in the webcam.
  3. Test your technology.  Review any instructions sent to you, and test your audio and web camera.
  4. Review your application documents.  Print a copy of your resume and cover letter, and open them on your computer.  This will allow for easy reference.
  5. Dress as you would for an in-person interview.  View our tips on what to wear on the Preparing for the Interview page.
  6. Go into the virtual space 10-15 minutes early.  This will allow you to settle in before the interview begins.
  7. Demonstrate strong body language: Sit up straight, smile, limit movement, and maintain eye contact with the web camera.
  8. At the end the interview, say thank you and ask for next steps.  Next, mute yourself and close the virtual interview environment prior to getting up from your computer.