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GoinGlobal is the leading career and employment resource for jobs and internships at home and abroad, including country & city guides, H1B visa information, an employer directory and  job/internship postings. Going Global Career Guides and the Global Key Employer Directory are continually updated. This research system offers more than 10,000 resources for finding employment in the US and abroad. To help you get the most out of GoinGlobal’s extensive resources, we encourage you to attend one of our online training webinars. Get started with these easy steps:

  1. Access the GoingGlobal website and log in using your MyWalden username and password
  2. Explore Career Guides, Jobs, Internships, Employer Directory, and more
  3. Follow the instructions below to create an account to save research and set up job alerts
  4. View Introduction Video or attend live Training Webinars

Note about GoinGlobal Access

Important Note for Walden Students Enrolled in Competency Based Programs:
Walden students pursuing a Competency-Based program through Tempo Learning™ do not have access to the GoinGlobal system.

Important Note for Walden Alumni:
Walden Alumni are able not able to  access GoinGlobal at this time. The alumni library is currently under construction for updates, but we will reestablish this service as soon as possible.

How to Create an Account with GoinGlobal

Creating an Account with GoinGlobal

Creating a free account with GoinGlobal is easy:

Step 1) Click on "Create Account"

Step 2) Select the GoinGlobal logo - do NOT try to register using the social media buttons

Step 3) Create a new account using a username and email address

Step 4) Conduct your career research with a custom landing page, save career guides, set up job alerts and more!