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LibCal: Calendar Widget

Generally speaking, the full calendar widgets should be avoided.  They take up a lot of space and are difficult to customize effectively.

Also, the widget displays in an iframe, and iframes are evil.

Calendar style

Most of the calendar widget's look is controlled through the widget builder. 

Each calendar has its own cascading style sheet (css) which allows you to modify all aspects of the calendar and the calendar widgets.  To access the css, go to the calendar, then click the Settings button in the upper right.  Choose Edit CSS from the drop-down menu.

See the LibCal Help for information on customizing the css elements.

The widget builder controls the following:

  • Calendar Size
  • Calendar Width
  • Calendar Height
  • Default View (Month or Week view)
  • Start day
  • Show weekends
  • Show past events
  • Event Limit (number of events to display in one day)
  • Show City, State / Category Filters (allowing the user to filter the view)
  • Navigation buttons above the calendar (previous month, next month, toggle between week view/month view)
  • Labels used for date, time, days of week, and months
  • Text color

Calendar widget example