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DNP Intensive: Costs and Funding

Fee and Inclusions

The DNP intensive retreat fee is $2,450. DNP intensive fees and related travel expenses are not included in DNP program tuition.

The all-inclusive retreat fee covers the following:

  • 4 nights lodging (all participants stay at the host venue and sleeping room arrangements are made by Walden);
  • Daily, individual and group sessions with research faculty;
  • Daily, individual and group sessions with writing center staff;
  • Single occupancy hotel room with high-speed internet access;
  • Internet access in public meeting spaces and sleeping rooms;
  • Daily breakfast;
  • Daily lunch;
  • Daily healthy snacks and caffeinated beverages;
  • Access to well-lit, communal, and quiet spaces to write.


Intensive retreat fees and related travel expenses are not included in your program tuition.


Intensive Fee Policies:

  • Lodging, breakfast, and lunch daily are included in the retreat fee.
  • No exceptions to the retreat fee are allowed. No rebates, refunds, or billing credit adjustments will be made for late arrival, early departure or missed sessions.
  • Walden University is not responsible for lodging costs or hotel reservations outside of the host intensive venue and lodging refunds/rebates/billing credits are not available for students who choose to stay at a location other than the host intensive venue.
  • The cost of travel and evening meals is the responsibility of each participant.

Financial Aid

Students must be registered for at least one course in addition to a residency in order to be considered for financial aid.  The Financial Aid Office reviews registrations at the start of each term and cancels federal aid for any students registered for a residency only.  Students who do not register for a regular course along with the residency may apply for a loan through a private lender. 

Visit the Tuition and Financial Aid page on the WaldenU website for more funding options. Please consult with a Financial Aid advisor to determine whether you may qualify for financial aid. 

If you are expecting a financial aid refund to help cover non-tuition residency expenses, refunds are released by the Bursar's Office 14 days after the date of disbursement.  The Bursar’s Office cannot expedite refunds.  Please keep this in mind as you make plans to cover the costs of attending a residency.

If you have questions about financial aid, disbursements, and residency fees, contact either the Office of the Bursar at or the Office of Financial Aid at Both can be reached at 1-800-444-6795.



Payment Policy

Capstone intensive retreat fees listed above are billed in the term of the retreat and collected in accordance with the university’s billing cycle.