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DNP Intensive: Overview

The DNP Intensive Retreat was an excellent and intense week that assisted me in learning from the editing department exactly how my paper needed to look. I learned exactly what I was supposed to be doing, what I needed to work on and improve, and I had a much clearer understanding of what I needed to do and what was expected of me to do to be able to finish and complete my DNP project. I would recommend all DNP students to attend the DNP Intensive Retreat because it provided me with much needed clarity.

Tina Theriaque RN, MSN, DNP(c), DNP Candidate, 2017 intensive participant

DNP Intensives Overview

A DNP Intensive (DNP) is an optional experience for candidates in the DNP program whose catalog is 2020 or earlier (students who have a program start date prior to May 31, 2021). Students enrolling in the 2021 catalog with the revised DNP project process are not eligible to participate in DNP intensives.

Participants will meet to focus on a DNP Project premise or proposal with a faculty member and other candidates who are at similar stages in their DNP Project writing process. Participants spend every day—and evenings—drafting, receiving on-site faculty feedback, revising, and editing.

Attendees will work directly with DNP faculty members who have expertise in project development and research design as well as Writing Center Staff to develop and strengthen writing skills required for the DNP Scholarly Project.

Each DNP intensive is limited to approximately 12-20 participants (this is subject to change and depends on location and venue). The ratio of faculty to students ranges from 1:7 – 1:9 in order to allow for individualized attention and immediate feedback.

Group and individual sessions provide detailed information on use of the library, writing a literature review, project methodology, IRB application and oral project presentations.  Program content will be specific to the DNP Project, including the DNP Project Process Guide and the necessary Checklists and Forms for DNP Project completion.  Attendees will spend time writing and meeting with faculty and writing staff members to obtain personalized assistance with their DNP Project writing.

Tentative session topics may include:

  • Review of DNP Process and forms
  • Library Overview - Using the library, data sources, literature search, EBP
  • The Literature Review - developing and writing a literature review
  • APA style and Scholarly Writing
  • Study Design, and Methodology
  • IRB Application
  • Oral Presentation Development
  • Individual writing and advising sessions

At the end of each intensive day, participants “check in” with the faculty members on progress made, barriers and facilitators to effective and efficient writing, and goals for the next day. Many participants take full advantage of their time by continuing to write during the evening.

Participants will also network with peer colleagues who are in the DNP Project writing process and develop peer writing support groups that often continue to motivate and support each other after the conclusion of the experience.

Learning Outcomes

The following are key learning outcomes you will be expected to achieve as part of your DNP intensive retreat experience:

  1. Develop the skill to present a concept of how and why an organization can use you to address specific organizational issues.
  2. Develop the skill to present a proposal to an organizational leader.
  3. Develop the ability to identify specific tools to address organizational issues (diagnose organizational issues).
  4. Integrate the ability to administer; score; and interpret tools useful for organizational work and coaching.
  5. Develop the ability to provide developmental feedback to individuals in the organization.
  6. Develop the ability to provide a briefing to the organizational leaders on the results of the intervention with identification of potential next steps.
  7. Develop an understanding on how to establish your costs for providing this service to an organization.