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About Capstone Intensives: Testimonials


Over all the writing intensive was an excellent opportunity to engage with other professionals and students, sit down face to face with experienced professors, and gain valuable insight and additional motivation. (Katie Trautmann, doctoral candidate, 2017 intensive participant.)


The Dissertation Intensive was a great opportunity to get away from my busy schedule and dedicate quality time to my research project. Meeting with Walden's faculty and staff members to hear their input, ideas, and feedback on my proposed research study was the highlight of my experience. Further, hearing about the faculty's experiences as students and with students, added a level of reality that​ increased my confidence to finish my project. Additionally, being able to meet other colleagues, share personal experiences, and hear each other's feedback, was priceless. If I had an opportunity to repeat the dissertation intensive experience, I would. It is a worthwhile investment. (Tyrina Thompson, PhD Candidate, 2016 intensive participant.)


I strongly recommend the writing intensive. It was worth the time away from the home and work. I was able to commit 100% to the writing process. The intensive is a very different experience than the residency. I worked closely with the instructors, who were very gracious with their time. Also, I enjoyed meeting other students who were in different stages of the Proposal process. (Anonymous, 2016 intensive participant.)


I made great progress! I wrote 17 more pages of my Literature Review and Chapter 1. (Anonymous, 2017 intensive participant.)


My recommendation is for DBA students to attend the Intensive as early as possible before getting too deep in writing their Doctoral Study. The Intensive also provides opportunity to have more than one faculty review your work and provide valuable feedback that you can immediately incorporate into your progress. Students will advance further because of the dedication of the Intensive days and time on their Doctoral Study . The Intensive will save you time and money. (Hope Obika Waobikeze, DBA Candidate, 2017 intensive participant.)


I recommend the intensive to all DBA student, it is money well spent! (Mary Jane Burnett, DBA Candidate, 2015 intensive participant.)


The obstacle related to the capstone proposal development that led me to this intensive experience was how to map my study to the rubric in terms of writing the sections in a proper format that was acceptable. This experience helped me overcome the obstacle of writing too much and provided understanding of how to write section one and two. (Preye Buowari, DBA Candidate, 2015 intensive participant.)


I felt lost because all I was doing was writing without clear understanding how each section linked to the other which tired me out and lost motivation. Now, I feel revived regarding writing and understanding what I am writing. (James McLean, DBA Candidate, 2015 intensive participant.)