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Customizing Your Cover Letter: Can I view a cover letter outline?

Can I view a cover letter outline?

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First, state your interest and how you learned of the position.  Include the position title and name of the organization.  If you know someone who works for the organization, or you were referred to the position, mention this in your letter.  You may consider stating how the organization’s mission/values/goals are a match to your own, or highlight that you bring ‘x’ amount of years of experience to the table, making you the right candidate.

The second and third paragraph should highlight how your education and experience qualify you for the position.  Be sure not to re-state your resume.  Closely read the job description and ‘show’ the employer that you meet the qualifications.  Depending on your level of experience, you may consider writing a paragraph on your educational background and how that has qualified you, and then focus on your previous or current experience in a new paragraph.  Here you may also consider using bullet points (3-4) to highlight a few areas or accomplishments that make you stand out.

Your final paragraph should restate your interest and summarize your candidacy.  Mention that you would like to further share your qualifications during an interview.  Provide the reader with your email and/or phone number so they can easily reach out to you.



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(If you are sending a hard copy of this correspondence, it is an Enclosure rather than an Attachment.)