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Academic Experiences COVID-19

Message from the Provost and Chief Academic Officer

Helping our students balance health and academic goals during this time

Dear Walden Student,

Over the a last few months, all of us have found ways to adjust to the changes in our daily lives as a result of COVID-19. It has been a considerable effort for everyone. As part of the Walden community, I want to acknowledge your efforts, and make sure you know that we will continue to help you achieve your educational goals during this time of change.

As we enter the fall season, the evolving impact of COVID-19 is continuing to require adjustments from all of us.

For students using Blackboard, we are offering some flexibility in dealing with any disruption you are facing, by providing leniency in coursework submission deadlines for the remainder of the term. We are extending the due date leniency policy, as necessary, until the end of the year. We will review and update the policy at the beginning of 2021. Students are reminded to work with faculty in advance of assignment deadlines to create agreed-upon timetables for completing coursework. These revised timetables should be agreed in writing, through email.

For Tempo students, the approach already provides a great deal of flexibility, although we understand this may not be enough in some cases. If you find you need to explore options regarding flexibility, please contact your Academic Coach or discuss these concerns in your next regularly scheduled appointment. Revised expectations should be agreed in writing, through email. You can find your Academic Coach’s email address at the top of your Tempo portal page.

Although we will continue to provide some flexibility, all students must complete the requirements for a course or competency to earn credit. We also need to be clear; Walden requires ongoing participation for you to maintain your federal financial aid eligibility. If you anticipate that you will not be able to participate in the course for 30 consecutive days or more, you should contact your Student Success Advisor by going to the help icon in your student portal to schedule an appointment or send an email to If you are a Tempo student, you should contact your Academic Coach.

We understand that each student is adjusting to the continuing situation to the best of their ability, and in their own specific way. Some of us may need a little extra help right now – and we are here to help you in whatever way we can. You may also contact the Student Assistance Program, which is also available internationally if needed.

As always, please stay safe and healthy.

Sue Subocz, PhD
Provost and Chief Academic Officer