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RSCH 8310 Week 3 Discussion and Assignment: Week 3 Discussion and Assignment

Goals and objectives

After reviewing this guide you will be able to:

  • Utilize additional information to assist you in locating a qualitative research article for your weekly discussion.

Week 3 Discussion

To find a qualitative research article for your discussion, please follow the directions provided in Week 2 for Finding a research article.


To see other suggestions for searching for qualitative research articles you can view How do I find a qualitative article? 


In addition to the keywords listed in the above link, some databases will allow you to select the type of study. The following are types of research studies that you can often find in the Methodology section. If you can not select these under Methodology you can also enter them as keywords in your search.


  • empirical study
  • follow-up study
  • longitudinal study
  • prospective study
  • retrospective study
  • treatment outcomes study



Note: You can select multiple methodologies by holding down the ctrl key on your keyboard as you click each methodology that you wish to include in your search.


You may also be able to select Qualitative in this section within some databases. 



As you look through your results you will want to avoid the following as they are not research articles:

  • case studies
  • editorials
  • letters to the editor
  • literature reviews

Week 3 Assignment

Your assignment in Week 3 is to continue locating articles for your annotated bibliography. Please refer back to the Week 2 Major Assignment 1​ for assistance locating articles.