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Field Experience: School of Health Sciences: School of Health Sciences

Field Experience for Public Health - the MPH program

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To find information on the required practicum for the MPH program you can:

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About Us

Walden’s program coordinators and directors, practicum director, field education coordinators, and practicum faculty members are committed to working collaboratively with students and preceptors to support successful completion of practicum experiences. 

Students should begin their inquiry with the Field Education Coordinator. Delays in obtaining information may result if students inquire first from a program director or practicum director and then must be referred to the field education coordinator. 


School of Health Sciences Practicum and Program Team Members:

Field Education Coordinator - MPH program:  Janine Hradsky, M.A.

Director of MPH Practicum and Continuing Education:  Jennifer S. Perkins, Ph.D., M.P.H., CHES

Academic Program Coordinator - MPH program: Shana Morrell, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Academic Program Director - MPH program: Michelle M. Burcin, Ph.D., M.P.H., MCHES

Dean, School of Health Sciences:  Jörg Westermann, Ph.D., M.A., Dipl.oec.Univ. 


Our roles

Field Site Preceptors 

Preceptors are qualified individuals within practicum placement settings, who are responsible for guiding a practicum experience.  It is expected that preceptors will be accessible to students and provide guidance and feedback that promotes growth of knowledge, skills, and competencies consistent with Walden’s training goals, as well as with preferred practices in the profession. Preceptors are to provide mentoring and guidance appropriate to student roles in practicum sites, including ongoing feedback about student progress in meeting practicum goals.

Field Education Coordinator

The field education coordinator is a Walden employee who helps students to understand the practicum policies and procedures. The field education coordinator answers questions about the practicum application process, reviews materials to ensure that students have completed all required application and documentation steps, and works collaboratively with the practicum director, program coordinator, and program director throughout the approval process. Once practicum applications have been approved, the field education coordinator ensures that students are enrolled in their appropriate practicum courses.

Director of MPH Practicum 

The practicum director is a Walden administrator that oversees the field experience coordinator and is responsible for course instruction/development and student research monitoring. Administrative duties include: assessing preceptors and practicum sites for appropriateness, approving Practicum Applications and Learning Agreements, and placement of students. The director also participates in university and school based residencies, continuing education and committees.  

Practicum Faculty Member

Walden faculty members teach practicum courses. Practicum faculty members collaborate with students and inform practicum coordinators about any difficulties that arise during the practicum experience. Shortly after the initiation of the practicum, practicum faculty members coordinate a conference call with students and preceptors, which is intended to ensure that the practicum goals are being addressed, that both student and preceptor understand the key points of the practicum experience, that an opportunity for questions is provided, and that any problems are identified and resolved.

Program Coordinator

Program coordinators are Walden faculty members, whose primary role is to manage and continuously improve a degree program. Program coordinators support students throughout their programs, including during the practicum. 

Program Director

The program director is a Walden administrator, whose primary role is to provide academic leadership to their specific program(s). The program director oversees activities related to program and curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation. The program director resolves student and faculty member issues that arise throughout the programs. 


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