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Walden Virtual Fulbright Chapter: FAQ

Are there academic requirements to join the Walden Virtual Fulbright Chapter?

No, the Fulbright Association does not require students to meet specific academic requirements to join the Virtual Fulbright Chapter sponsored by Walden University.  The Virtual Fulbright Chapter is open to anyone that supports the mission of Fulbright. 

Are there fees to join the Walden Virtual Fulbright Chapter?

Yes, the Fulbright Association requires a membership fee based on the membership type that best describes you.  Please see below for more information. 

** Chapter events may cost an additional $20-30

How can I join the Walden Virtual Fulbright Chapter?

To join the Virtual Fulbright Chapter, please fill out a membership application via the Membership tab on the left-hand side.  After you are reported to the Fulbright Association that you are interested in joining the Virtual Fulbright Chapter, you will receive a link to pay your annual membership dues. 

What is the purpose of the Walden Virtual Fulbright Chapter?

Mission:  To raise cultural exchange awareness by providing opportunities for the Walden academic community (students, alumni, staff and faculty) to gain access to mentoring, professional development, service and networking opportunities through the Fulbright community.  Also, to increase the number of Fulbright scholars and positive social change impact through research/teaching, fellowships and cultural exchanges
Institutional Value Proposition: 
–Form partnerships with local chapters near Academic Residency locations
–Branding and marketing  opportunities with Fulbright membership affiliation
–Opportunity to increase number of Fulbright awards, Fellowships
•Benefit Realization to students, alumni, staff and faculty: 
–Professional Development
–Network Events
–Scholarship Opportunities