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EDUC 7856 Capstone: Advocacy and Leadership for Positive Social Change: EdS Literature Review

What does this guide cover?

Writing the literature review is a long, complex process that requires you to use many different tools, resources, and skills.

This page provides links to the guides, tutorials, and webinars that can help you with all aspects of completing your literature review.

The Basic Process

These resources provide overviews of the entire literature review process. Start here if you are new to the literature review process.

Search for Literature

The iterative process of research:

  1. Find an article.
  2. Read the article and build new searches using keywords and names from the article.
  3. Mine the bibliography for other works.
  4. Use “cited by” searches to find more recent works that reference the article.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 with the new articles you find.

These are the main skills and resources you will need in order to effectively search for literature on your topic:

  • Google Scholar
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Video: Education Databases and Doctoral Research Resources

(6 min 04 sec) Recorded April 2019