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Welcome to AEX!

In 1911, Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) was founded as an international honor society in education recognizing the outstanding scholarly contributions and scholastic achievements of its members. In addition, KDP fosters excellence in teaching and education, as well as service to those dedicated to the profession throughout the world. Starting with local chapters, KDP has grown to include over 1.2 million members in multiple countries. KDP offers its members access to webinars, conferences, research, workshops, job opportunities, and other networking opportunities with like-minded educational leaders as you.

Walden University was accepted into this prestigious honor society in 2008; Heidi Magoon Connor, as a Walden student and part of her Ph.D. in Education studies, founded Walden University’s Alpha Epsilon Xi (AEX) Chapter of KDP. Tragically, Heidi passed in 2011 before recognizing the full benefits of her impact and Global Service.

Heidi also served as the first Alpha Epsilon Xi president of Walden University’s Kappa Delta Pi chapter; during her tenure she stated, “Involvement in Kappa Delta Pi has helped me take risks and expand my horizons as a leader in education while acting as a mentor to students who will be tomorrow’s teachers. I want to continue to show teachers that learning is a lifelong adventure where growth happens on a daily basis.”

Join Alpha Epsilon Xi’s Chapter of KDP and be apart of an international honor society to honor your achievements and to reach your potential.

AEX hosts Online Chapter Initiation Ceremonies during the months of January and July of each calendar year; however, official membership certificates will be mailed to each new member when the AEX/KDP membership process is completed.

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