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RSCH 8300 Week 10 Discussion 1: Week 10 Discussion 1

Goals and objectives

In Week 10 Discussion 1 you are asked to explain how you ensure the quality, trustworthiness, and credibility of your qualitative research.

This guide will help you to:

  • Conduct a search in SAGE Research Methods Online or the library databases to find items about quality, trustworthiness, or credibility.

SAGE Research Methods Online search tips

SAGE Research Methods Online will contain sources that help you understand the concepts of quality, trustworthiness, and credibility. For more information about SAGE and to learn how to access and use it please see the SAGE Research Methods Online tutorial

 Collectively the ideas of quality, trustworthiness, and credibility may be referred to as rigorFor this discussion you can search for each of those terms (quality, trustworthiness, and credibility) or the word rigor in SAGE Research Methods Online. 

Article search tips

While it is best to use subject specific databases that are related to your area of study, you may encounter topics that don't fit neatly into any one area; theories and theorists are a good example of this. In these cases you may want to use a multiple database search tool. 


Since quality, trustworthiness, and credibility will apply to qualitative research in the same way in every area of study, this is a topic that may best be searched using a multiple database search tool.


You can use the Thoreau Multi-Database Search to locate articles that discuss quality, trustworthiness, or credibility. 


You can try a search like the following in Thoreau.

1. From the Library home page, type anything in the large search box and click the Search button; this is just to get you into the Advanced Search option.


Note: Enter your username and password if prompted to do so.

2. You should see multiple search boxes. Enter the following:

First Search Box: quality OR credibility OR trustworthiness OR rigor

Second Search Box: qualitative research



3. In order to find results from peer reviewed articles be sure to check the box next to Peer Reviewed Scholarly Journals.

You can find the peer review box on the left side of the page under Limit to.


If you want to search in a subject specific database (e.g. Business Source Complete, PsycINFO, ERIC) you can set up the search just as it is shown here.

You can find the subject specific databases by clicking Select a subject in the Subject Resources box on the Library home page.