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Forensic Psychology Intensives: Calendar

FPST Intensive Retreat Calendar

Forensic psychology special topics intensive retreats are held throughout the year in Minneapolis, Minnesota and virtually. All events through November 2020 are open for registration.

October 28-November 1, 2020

Session Topic: Sex Crimes and Criminal Paraphilia Behavior

Facilitated by: Dr. Eric Hickey

Sex Crimes and Criminal Paraphilia is designed to expand knowledge and understanding of criminal paraphilia, sex offenders and sexual predators. The course will help students more effectively recognize psychological and behavioral characteristics of these offenders that could, in turn, expedite their apprehension, interviewing, interrogation and prosecution. Students will be introduced to the etiology of criminal paraphilic attachments, how they develop, and for some, escalate into violent sex offenses. Students will also explore the psychopathology inherent in sex offending that can assist them in interviewing, providing interventions, containment and, case management.