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Student Assistance Program

Walden University is pleased to announce the expansion of our wellness resources to include free 1:1 counseling. Beginning immediately, you can schedule three virtual or in-person sessions with a licensed counselor per household member, per concern at no charge to you through our Student Assistance Program (SAP) provider ComPsych. Finding balance in managing the demands of work, family and school can be a struggle and Walden is committed to holistically supporting our students whenever possible. It has never been more challenging – or more important – for all of us to make our mental health and wellness a top priority.

Call ComPsych anytime about concerns such as marital, relationship and family problems; stress, anxiety, and depression; grief and loss; job pressures; or substance abuse. All communications are strictly confidential.

To initiate your three sessions with a licensed counselor, please call ComPsych using Walden’s dedicated line 24/7 (1-866-465-8942)/ (TDD: 1-800-697-0353) International: (1-312-595-0074).

Free Online Information, Tools, and Services 

Visit GuidanceResources Online to access expert information on a range of legal, financial, and other topics important to your well-being. Research answers to specific questions, review fact sheets or use a variety of planning tools to help organize your life.

  1. Create a user account,
  2. Provide Walden’s ID code (WALDEN),
  3. and get started.

Each time you log in, you will receive information customized to your individual needs.

More Information 

Walden’s Student Assistance Program services are provided through ComPsych® GuidanceResources®, and all records are kept private and confidential. Learn more about ComPsych.


Please email with any questions.

Other Resources

National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI)

The National Alliance On Mental Illness (NAMI) is a nationwide grassroots advocacy group, representing families and people affected by mental illness in the United States. NAMI provides psychoeducation, research, and support for people and their families impacted by mental illness through various public education and awareness activities.

National Alliance on Mental Illness website