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RSCH 8310 Week 9 Discussion: Week 9 Discussion

Goals and objectives

Your Week 9 Discussion asks that you explain the difference among coding, categories, and themes.

This guide will help you to:

  • Conduct a search in SAGE Research Methods to locate items about coding, categories, and themes.

SAGE Research Online search tips

SAGE Research Methods will contain sources that help you understand the concepts of coding, categories, and themes. For more information about SAGE and to learn how to access and use it please see the SAGE Research Methods tutorial or refer back to Week 1: Finding information on qualitative research.


For this discussion you can use SAGE Research Methods to search for each of the terms: coding, categories, and themes, or you can search thematic analysis, which is the term that all of these would fall under.


Information coming from encyclopedias, books, and articles will give you the greatest amount of information. Depending on your search you may see a large number of results from dictionaries, while these can provide concise definitions dictionaries likely won't give you enough information to develop a strong response to the discussion.