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PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision: Overview


Welcome to the PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision (CES) page. Here you will find resources to assist you with completing the dissertation as a requirement for completing your Ph.D.

The capstone experience of the doctoral journey is the dissertation. Students are afforded an opportunity to develop their research agenda throughout their coursework, residency, and field experiences. Ultimately, each student works with a three-person dissertation committee. Students choose the chair and member of this committee, while the university appoints the remaining member.

The dissertation is a scholarly document intended to demonstrate the research competence of the author and to produce greater understanding of cultural, social, psychological, or physical phenomena. It is written in the formal language and style of its discipline or field of study, and it results from a comprehensive, logical, and ethical investigation. It will include five chapters:

  • Chapter 1—The research problem
  • Chapter 2—Literature review
  • Chapter 3—Research method(s)
  • Chapter 4—Findings
  • Chapter 5—Summary, conclusions, and implications

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