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Site supervisors, preceptors and cooperating teachers and principal mentors of Walden students are entitled to a 15% Tuition Reduction applied towards a Walden University master’s or doctorate program or certificate

This offer is only valid for eligible new students who enroll and start classes in a master’s or doctorate program or certificate between December 12, 2018, and December 31, 2022, and are supervisors, preceptors, cooperating teachers or principal mentors of a Walden student(s) at the time of enrollment.  This offer is not a guarantee that all candidates eligible for the offer will be granted acceptance or admission into Walden. All prospective students will be subject to the same standard admission and registration process when applying to Walden.

The “tuition reduction” is a 15% reduction of tuition fees. The tuition reduction is applicable to tuition only and does not apply toward books, materials, and other supplies or fees needed for a course. This tuition reduction will remain in effect for the duration of the student’s continuous enrollment at Walden. No tuition reduction will be made retroactively. The tuition reduction cannot be used by a student in combination with any other tuition reduction benefit. The tuition reduction is not applicable for students enrolled in Tempo Learning® programs.

Walden may change the tuition reduction offered hereunder at any time, but such change will not affect the tuition reduction for students who are currently enrolled at Walden and using the existing tuition reduction. All tuition reductions, grants, or scholarships are subject to specific eligibility requirements. Contact a Walden University Enrollment Specialist for details.