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Military Services Quick Answers

What's New?

As a reminder, the VA releases payments 14 days prior to the start of every class. This means for your class beginning 3/6/17, the earliest the VA will release payment is 14 days prior to start of class. 

The Bursars office has been made aware of the situation and still may place a hold on your account, only because that is their process to monitor outstanding balances.  The hold will not affect you attending course but may affect your ability to register for a future course.  If this occurs, please contact our office and we will request a temporary removal to allow you to register while the VA processes your payments.  

Did you know…

When you withdraw from a class, the VA is now recouping 100% of the tuition and fee payment. For more information, please contact the VA at 1-888-442-4551.