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Walden Career Connections

Do you want to engage in networking that is purposeful, fun and fast?  Don’t miss the chance to chat live with other members of the Walden community using our online networking tool, Walden Career Connections.  

Register for Drop-In Advising with Career Services and other Career Connections events below.

Drop-In Advising with Career Services

Do you have a quick career-related question? Drop in and chat via texting with members of the Career Services team.

Drop-In Advising with Career Services

Participate from your home, office, or favorite coffee shop via your laptop, smartphone or tablet. We will provide you with resources and suggest next steps for your journey toward career success!

Networking Events

Career Connections Networking Hour
Join Walden Career Services for Career Connections Networking Hour to chat live with other members of the Walden community from anywhere in the world using your computer, smart phone, or tablet.



With just three easy steps, you can establish new relationships.

  1. Register for the event by completing the event registration form.
  2. On Wednesday, January 24, at 8 p.m. EST, log in and join the live session.
  3. You will be matched with other Walden community members for one-on-one, timed chats.

Take advantage of this opportunity to establish new professional relationships. Sign up for the Career Connections Networking Hour today!

Preparing for Career Connections Events

Learn how to maximize Career Connections events by watching the short video below:

(2 min, 15 sec)