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Registrar Support: Commencement & Graduation

Knowing the process for applying for graduation, registering for commencement, and ordering your official transcript after degree conferral will help provide for a smoother experience for you as you finish your degree and look towards your next steps.


Celebrate your accomplishments and learn more about when and where the next commencement is taking place.

Degree Conferral

Degree conferral (graduation) occurs when a student completes a degree program. Learn more about the timing of degree conferral by visiting this section.


Visit this section to learn more about when you can anticipate your diploma to be sent after degree conferral.

Graduation Application

Learn more about when to submit your graduation application and how to know when your degree is complete.

Ordering a Transcript after Degree Conferral

Students often want a final copy of their transcript, showing that their degree is complete. By reviewing this section, you can learn more about how to make sure you allow enough time for the processing of your degree conferral to ensure your transcript shows you completed your program.