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Rights & Responsibilities: Disability Services

Student Wellness and Disability Services responsibilities

Walden University Student Wellness and Disability Services is responsible to do the following things.

  • To prohibit discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities.
  • To reduce or eliminate physical, academic and attitudinal barriers.
  • To provide reasonable accommodations.
  • To maintain the strictest of student confidentiality.
  • To develop a shared responsibility and community for individuals with disabilities.
  • To assist the student in self-advocacy.
  • To assist the student in problem-solving.
  • To guide the student to possible resources that might assist him or her, whether it is on campus or networking in the community.
  • To be sensitive to the individual personalities of students, whether it be in communicating their needs or an attempt to maintain dignity with a very difficult Issue.
  • To serve as liaison with faculty when a medical emergency necessitates an extended absence.