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Doctoral Research Coach:
Doctoral Research Coach

Doctoral Research Coach


Doctoral Students: Use the Doctoral Research Coach today!

There are many stages to the doctoral capstone or project process—prospectus, proposal, research ethics review (IRB), oral defenses, final capstone or project, form & style, and final Chief Academic Officer approval. Stay on top of the process by using the Doctoral Research Coach—an interactive, virtual tool that you can use to stay on track and complete your doctoral capstone or project.

Note. To be eligible for the Doctoral Research Coach, you must be enrolled in a Walden doctoral program and have an assigned committee Chair.




Opt in today to the Doctoral Research Coach and use this all-in-one research planning tool!

  • Plan your research or project process
  • Stay on track.
  • Access just-in-time support and resources
  • Complete your doctoral capstone or project


Please contact with any questions about the Doctoral Research Coach.


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