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Discussion boards in Canvas allow for asynchronous interaction between classmates and faculty. In this module, we will review the Discussion Board of Canvas.

To navigate to a discussion, click on a specific discussion from the modules area or the content by weeks area on the Course Home Page.

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

Posting and Replying in a Discussion

To make an initial post in a discussion, click the Reply button that appears below the prompt.

To reply to another person's post, click the reply button under that post. The Rich Content Editor will appear, allowing you to type your response, format it, and add any media or documents.

Screenshot of the Rich Content Editor of a Discussion reply.

  1. Toolbar: This toolbar allows for various edits, views, inserting different elements, formatting, tools, and table settings.
  2. Text Edit Toolbar: This tool bar allows you to change the look and feel of the text you type.
  3. Insert Toolbar: This toolbar allows you to add a hyperlink to your text, insert a picture, or upload a document to your text. Documents uploaded using this tool will appear within the text of your post.
  4. My Media (Kaltura): This icon allows you to embed My Media (Kaltura) recordings.
  5. Text Entry Box: Type your text in this section.
  6. Attachments: In Discussion Boards, clicking here allows you to attach documents to your post. Documents uploaded here will not appear within the text of your post.
  7. Post Reply/Cancel: Use these buttons to post your reply or cancel your post.

Please Note: There is no option to save your text as a draft. If you need to stop and return to your post, please copy and paste it into a Word Document to save it to your personal device.

Replying to, Collapsing/Expanding Replies of, and Subscribing to Discussions

At the bottom of the discussion board, before you get to any replies, you have these options.

Screenshot of bottom of discussion board where you can reply, collapse and uncollapse, and subscribe to the discussion.

  1. Reply: Click this to open the area for you to create a post in the discussion board.
  2. Expand/Collapse All: Clicking these icons will collapse or expand all replies in the discussion board.
  3. Subscribe: Clicking this allows you to subscribe to the discussion board which will alert you (based on your notifications settings) if any posts are made.

Tools within the Discussion Board

Within the Discussion Board, there are more tools.

Screenshot of the discussion board area.

  1. Read/Unread Indicators: These circles will be empty to indicate that the post has been read or filled to indicate unread.
  2. Thread Indentations: When someone replies to another person's initial post, the two posts will display as connected boxes. Replies are also indented under the initial post.
  3. Collapse/Expand Individual Threads: Hover around the connecting line between an initial post and the reply post to get a triangle icon to appear. Clicking this icon will collapse this portion of the discussion thread.

Discussion Rubrics

Rubrics for discussions are available at the top right of the discussion board.

  1. Click the vertical three dots to show the menu pictured
  2. Click Show Rubric

Screenshot of the top of a discussion board where it points to a vertical three dots and then Show Rubric.

Class Cafe

The Class Cafe is an ungraded discussion where you can post/answer general class questions. It is recommended that you subscribe to this discussion board so that you are notified if a student asks a question here.

Screenshot of a sample Class Cafe discussion board.

Video Walkthrough