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Quizzes - Course Navigation

The Quizzes area is a page only visible to faculty. To navigate to the Quizzes area, click Quizzes on the Course Navigation Menu. This area will display all quizzes in the course. You can click the name of a quiz to view it and see options to grade it. To explore grading, please navigate to the Grades resource.

Please Note: Students access quizzes from the Content By Weeks on the Home Page or through Modules.

Quizzes page with two quizzes on it.

Moderate Quiz

If a student needs additional attempts (or time) on a quiz, you can grant this request by navigating to the Moderate Quiz area.

Click Quizzes on the Course Navigation Menu, then click the name of the quiz you wish to moderate.

Screenshot of a Quiz with callouts to the Quizzes name in the course navigation menu and the moderate this quiz area

  1. Quizzes: Click this to navigate to a list of quizzes in the course. Then click the name of the quiz you wish to moderate.
  2. Moderate This Quiz: Click this to add attempts or time.


Once you have navigated to the Moderate Quiz area, you will see a list of the students in the course. On the right column of each student's row is a pencil icon. Click this icon for the student who needs an additional attempt or more time.

Moderate Quiz area with call out to the pencil icon.


After the pencil icon is clicked, a popup will appear. Here you can add additional attempts, add extra time for every attempt, and manually unlock the quiz for the next attempt. Once you have made the changes needed, click Save.

Popup for adding extra attempts, time, and unlocking the quiz.