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In this module, we will review the BigBlueButton, the video conferencing software integrated into Canvas.

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

Creating a BigBlueButton Conference

To access BigBlueButton, click the BigBlueButton icon in the Course Navigation Menu.

The page below will load. To create a conference, click the +Conference button.

If you have already created a Conference, you can begin the conference by clicking the Start button to the right of its title.

Screenshot of BigBlueButton area.


When scheduling a conference using the +Conference button, a pop up window appears for you to enter the details of the conference. You can enter a title, enable recording, add a description, invite all the course members, or select who will attend.

When you've entered all relevant details, click update to create the conference.

Please Note: If you do not select "Enable recording for this conference" now, you will not be able to record it.

BigBlueButton conference creation pop up.

Joining a BigBlueButton Conference

To join an ongoing conference, click the BigBlueButton icon in the Course Navigation Menu. Then click the Start button next to the conference you wish to Start, if you have already created it. There will be a Join button if the conference has already started.

Faculty BigBlueButton area

After clicking the "Start" or "Join" buttons, you'll need to ensure your audio settings are correct. A prompt will appear on the screen asking how you'd like to join audio. 

When joining the audio, there are three options:

  • Microphone
  • Listen Only
  • Join using your phone

join audio of bigbluebutton


If you select Microphone from the options, a private echo test will be performed where you'll be asked to speak a few words, then confirm that you could hear the audio. Select Yes to join the conference, or No if additional troubleshooting is needed.

Private echo test prompt.

Tools within BigBlueButton

After starting a BigblueButton Conference, you'll see the conference in the interface displayed below.

BigBlueButton interface

  1. User List: All participants that have joined the conference will be listed.
  2. User Tools: There are many tools listed here that will help in facilitating a conference.
  3. Public Chat: The public chat can be monitored and responded to here. 
  4. Presentation Tools: A slideshow, poll, or video can be done from this menu.
  5. Start Recording: Click this button to start/stop recording.
  6. Conference Tools: These tools allow you to end the meeting and leave the meeting.
  7. Audio, Video, Screen Sharing: Here you can mute/unmute yourself, turn on/off a webcam, and start/stop sharing a screen.
  8. Whiteboard Tools: These are tools to use with the whiteboard feature of BigBlueButton.

Video Walkthrough