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My Media (Kaltura): Home

Navigating to My Media (Kaltura)

My Media (or Kaltura) allows you to create, view, and edit videos. If you uploaded any videos into previous courses at Walden then they should remain visible in your My Media (Kaltura).

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

The first time you access My Media (Kaltura), a pop up will appear asking you to authorize it to connect with your account. This only occurs the first time. 

We recommend that you record and edit your video using My Media on the Global Navigation Menu, then embed the video in your course using the Rich Content Editor (Both are shown below).

Navigate to record using My Media (Kaltura) using one of these two ways:

  1. Rich Content Editor: When creating/editing content in the classroom, you can access Kaltura by clicking the rainbow sunburst icon in the Rich Content Editor. This is the easiest way to post a video to an assignment, discussion, or elsewhere in a course.
  2. My Media: Click the My Media icon on the Global Navigation Menu. 

 Screenshot of the Global Navigation Menu and the Rich Content Editor with numbers 1 and 2 pointing to the Kaltura icon and the My Media icon.

One Time Authorization

The first time you access My Media (Kaltura) in Canvas you will be prompted to authorize Kaltura to work within your account. This authorization connects the Kaltura media database with your Canvas account and will only be asked once.

Screenshot of Canvas and Kaltura authorization screen.

My Media and Add New

Below is an image of the My Media (Kaltura) area. You can see here that there are no videos created or recorded in this account. To add a video, click Add New.

You'll see two options after clicking Add New:

  • Media Upload: Use this option if you recorded the video in another software and have the video file saved.
  • Personal Capture: Use this option to record a video or screen recording.

Screenshot of an empty My Media area with Add New menu open showing the Media Upload and Personal Capture Options.

Personal Capture Plug-In

The first time Personal Capture is launched, a plug-in will need to be installed. 

Screenshot of the download screen for the Personal Capture plug-in.

Recording with Personal Capture

Personal Capture is My Media's (or Kaltura's) built in recording software. The first time you utilize this feature you will need to install the Kaltura plugin that was shown above. Follow the screen prompts to install. After that installation, you can relaunch Personal Capture.

Personal Capture popup menu showing from left to right buttons for recording, screen recording, camera recording, and audio recording.

Once launched, the interface will appear like the screenshot above. From left to right, the icons are:

  • Record: This button will start the recording based on your selected options.
  • Screen Recording: This allows you to select a screen to record activity on your computer.
  • Camera Recording: This allows you to select a video input to record video.
  • Audio Recording: This allows you to select the audio input to record audio.
  • Manage: This option opens a window where you can view and manage your recordings.

Personal Capture can record any combination of these options.

  1. After selecting the different components that you wish to record, click the red button to begin recording.

Screenshot of Personal Capture interface while recording.

  1. After clicking the red Record button, the interface changes to the one above. Use the Play/Pause icon to pause the recording and resume as needed. When you are finished recording, click the gray Stop button.
  2. Next, you will be prompted to name your recording, and upload it into the My Media (Kaltura) area.
  3. Add the Title, Description, and Tags to the video. You can also replay your video on this screen.
  4. Click Save & Upload to begin uploading it to My Media (Kaltura) in Canvas.
    • Please Note: The uploading and processing of the video will take time to finish; the longer the video, the longer it will take. 

My Media with Video Uploaded

When you've created one or more videos, they will appear on the My Media (Kaltura) page.

Screenshot of My Media area with a video uploaded. There is an arrow and number one pointing towards the add new area, an arrow and number two pointing at the title of the video, and an arrow and number 3 pointing towards the analytics, edit, and delete buttons.

  1. Add New: You will still bring up the options to let you upload a recorded video with Media Upload or record a video with Personal Capture.
  2. Video Title: Click the video title to view the video.
  3. Additional Options: Click these icons to view video analytics, edit the video, or delete the video.

Video Walkthrough