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Modules - Course Navigation

The Modules page displays a linear, item-by-item view of the course's content. The example below shows a Modules area organized by weeks.

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

Modules on the Home Page

On the Home Page of your course, you can view your course content week-by-week (or module-by-module, depending on how the course is structured). From here, you can click to navigate to a specific week or a portion of a specific week's content.

Screenshot of the Content by Weeks area of the home page with the Start Here, Weeks 1-6, and the Sample Week 1 areas called out.

  1. Content by Weeks Modules: Any of the weeks of a course can be clicked here to display the course content of that week.
  2. Module: Click the module's name and the course content for that module will display below it.

Modules Area

To navigate to the Modules area, click Modules on the Course Navigation Menu. You will see the same Weeks/Modules displayed on the Course home Page listed vertically rather than by tabs. 

Screenshot of the modules are with callouts of the Modules on the menu, the Start Here module title, and the Week 1 modules area.



  1. Modules: Click Modules in the Course Navigation Menu to navigate to the page above. This page displays all of the course's modules.
  2. Start Here: Click module's name to collapse/expand it. In the image above Start Here has been collapsed.
  3. Week 1 Module: The Week 1 area and any of the components within it can be access by clicking their names in the module.

Video Walkthrough

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