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Grades - Course Navigation - Student: Home

Grades - Course Navigation

The Grades area on the Class Navigation Menu is where you will view your graded assignments. In this area you can see your submissions, feedback from your instructor, and your grades.

Grades Overview

There are many parts to the grading area. Here are a few of them.

Screenshot of the grades area pointing out the areas of the assignment names, assignment group names, scores, out of how many points, comments icon, assignment group scores, and weighted grading weights.

  1. Assignment Titles: This lists your assignments. Click on the assignment names to navigate to them.
  2. Assignment Groups: If assignments have been grouped for weighting purposes, you will see the assignment groups here. Review your syllabus to identify if your course uses weighted grading.
  3. Grades by Assignment Group: This section displays your grades for each Assignment Group. This sample student has a 100% in the Assignment grouping but doesn't have a grade yet in any other Assignment Groups yet (i.e. Discussions and Quizzes).
  4. Assignment Scores: This column displays the grades you've received on your assignments (if they have already been graded). If there is an icon instead of a score then that has not been graded yet.
  5. Points Possible: This column displays the total possible points for the assignment.
  6. Comments/Feedback: When visible, this icon indicates that there is a comment from your instructor on this specific assignment. Click the icon to view the comment.
  7. Weighting: This area displays how the Assignment Groups are weighted, if applicable.

Grading Comments

Your instructor may leave comments on your work, this is how you would view those comments.

Screenshot of a grade where the instructor left a comment.

  1. Comments Icon: Click this icon to view the comments left by your instructor.
  2. Comments: Once the Comment icon is clicked, comments will be displayed here.

Graded Rubric

In the Grade area, you may also find a clipboard icon (1). This icon indicates that a rubric has been used to assess your work. If you click the icon, the rubric will display. You can see from this sample rubric (2) that for this first criteria this student was assessed as Excellent.

Screenshot of an assignment that shows a rubric icon and the rubric expanded.


TurnItIn is an academic integrity tool that checks assignment submissions for their originality. 

If you have submitted an assignment where TurnItIn is enabled (3), the Grades area (1), will display the TurnItIn Originality Report icon (2).

The colors of the TurnItIn icon (3) indicate the percent range TurnItIn believes matching a submission in their database or on the internet.

  • Light Blue: 0% matching text
  • Dark Blue: 1-24% matching text
  • Yellow: 25-49% matching text
  • Orange: 50-74% matching text
  • Red: 75-100% matching text

This sample student had a 0% match so their indicator is Light Blue.

Your courses may have an assignment called TurnItIn Drafts. This assignment allows unlimited submissions and allows you to submit a paper to TurnItIn without being graded for it. This enables you to adjust or correct any unknown matches before you submit your graded version.

Screenshot of an assignment with Turn It In enabled.


If you click on the TurnItIn icon (3) you will be brought to the submission's Originality Report.


Screenshot of an originality report showing the sample submission, the tool bars, and the matching pane.

  1. Submission Display: This section of the page displays your assignment submission
  2. Layer Navigation: This icon allows you to display different layers of the TurnItIn Originality Report. 
  3. Match Overview: This area displays the Match Overview percentage, All Sources with match text, and the Filters and Settings tool (indicated by the funnel icon).
  4. Download and Submission Information: These icons allow you to download the submission and get the submission information.
  5. Layer Pane: This section displays the information about the specific layer you have chosen in 2.