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Overview - Course Navigation - Student: Home

Overview - Course Navigation

To access Canvas, students will log in through the Walden Student Portal and faculty will log in through the Walden Faculty Portal. Both ways will take you to the Home Page of a specific course.

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

Accessing your Classroom

To access your classroom, navigate to the Student Portal and click on the course you'd like to enter. You will be brought to that course's Home Page. (If you are a faculty member it would be the faculty portal or if you are a staff member then the staff portal.)

Home Page

The Course Home page is the landing page you'll see when you first enter a course. Let's review the navigation of the page.

Top of Home Page

Screenshot of the home page of a Canvas Course with these called out: Course Navigation Menu, Course Name, most recent announcement, various view options, the to do list, and the home page area.

  1. Course Navigation Menu: Use this menu to navigate directly to specific areas within the course.
  2. Course Identifier and Menu Collapse/Expand: 
    • Course Identifier: The course ID appears at the top of the page.
    • Menu Collapse/Expand: A collapse/expand icon of three stacked horizontal lines is located at the top left of the course. Click this to collapse/expand the Course Navigation Menu. 
  3. Recent Announcements: The most recent announcement appears here. Click on the title of the announcement to view details.
  4. View Options: After clicking any of these options, you can click Home to return to the default view. 
    • View Course Stream: Clicking this button shows a list of the recent activity in the course.
    • View Course Calendar: Clicking this button takes you to the Calendar area but with only this course selected.
    • View Course Notifications: Clicking this button takes you to a settings page to enable or disable notifications from this course.
  5. To Do: The To Do section displays a list of upcoming assignments, quizzes, discussions, and other key course tasks.
  6. Content: The main, center section of the page displays the course content.

Bottom of Home Page

Screenshot of the Home Page content with call outs for the content by weeks and the quick access area.

As you scroll down the Home Page more content will continue to populate.

  1. Content by Weeks: This area shows the modules of content of the course. Use this area to navigate to the content of the course. Please Note: The Modules icon in the Course Navigation Menu will also display the course content.
  2. Quick Access: The Quick Access area of the Course Home Page provides links to frequently used supports. These include:
    • Class Café: The Class Café is an ungraded discussion where students can post general class questions and instructors can answer those questions. Like other discussions, the Class Café can be subscribed to so that you are notified when a post is made.
    • Academic Skills Support: Clicking here will bring you to the library, statistics, writing, and other skills support.
    • Guidelines and Policies: Clicking here will bring you to the Walden Guidelines and Policies.
    • Instructor's Corner: Clicking this will bring you to a page outlining the contact information of the course's instructor and their office hours. The instructor will customize the information here for each course.

Course Navigation Menu

Left hand class menu that has the Home, Announcements, Grades, Syllabus, Modules, and BigBlueButton options available.

Course Navigation Definitions

When you enter the course, you will see the Course Navigation Menu on the left-hand side of the page. From the Course Navigation Menu, you can quickly access all the important elements of your course.

Three vertically stacked horizontal linesCollapse/Expand 

The three stacked horizontal lines in the top left of the course allow for the collapsing and expanding of the Course Navigation Menu.


The Home page of the course is a one-stop-shop to view content of the course. From the Home Page, you can navigate to the other areas of the course.


The Announcements area holds all the published announcements within the course. The most recent announcement will also be visible on the Course Home Page. 


The Grades area displays submitted and graded work as well as feedback given on assignments.


The Syllabus area allows you to view the long form syllabus of the course.


The Modules area displays the content of the course much like the content by weeks on the Course Home Page.


BigBlueButton is a video conferencing software utilized to provide synchronous meetings within the course.

Video Walkthrough

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