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A basic Canvas How To on the Inbox area of the Global Navigation.

Compose a Message to Student(s) in a Course

To compose a message, click the Compose icon (indicated in screenshot below) at the top of the inbox page.

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

Screenshot of the Inbox area of Canvas with an arrow pointing at the compose button at the top middle of the area.


After clicking the Compose button, a message window will open.

Screenshot of the compose message box within Canvas. It shows a place to select course, add a subject, whether to send individually to recipients or not, attach a file, record media, cancel, and send.


To select a recipient, first indicate the course the message is related to. When you click this field, a menu will appear that allows you to select from all of you courses or a list of your favorite courses.

Screenshot of the compose message area with the select course drop down menu. This shows options as favorite courses and more courses.

Once a course is selected, indicate whether the message should be sent to All Students or select the specific student(s) to message.

Enter a subject line for the message and compose the message using the textbox.

Select whether you want to send an individual message to each student. If this box is not checked, students will be able to "reply all" to the message, send it to all recipients of the message, and see a list of the other recipients of the message.

Video Walkthrough