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Calendar - Global Navigation - Student: Home

A basic Canvas How To on the Calendar area of the Global Navigation.

Calendar - Global Navigation

The Calendar area of the Canvas Global Navigation menu gives a singular area to check for upcoming due dates.

Screenshot of the Canvas Calendar area. There are arrows and numbers pointing to the view type, sample test, add button, calendar, course list, and Calendar feed.

There are a variety of tools in the Calendar area. Here is a summary of some of them.

  1. Select the way that the Calendar is visualized. The current selection is by month.
  2. I have placed a sample upcoming item on the 12th. This is how different due dates and such would be visualized.
  3. This "+" (plus) button allows you to add your own events/reminders into your Canvas Calendar. 
  4. This mini calendar allows for quick movement between dates. This can also be done in the top left of the Calendar area with the arrows.
  5. This shows the calendars that are available to be displayed. In this sample picture, I have chosen to display the first course but and clicked the boxes next to the 2nd and 3rd courses to make them not be displayed.
  6. The Calendar Feed in the bottom right allows for the downloading of the Calendar into your own calendar apps. This is accomplished by copying the link it provides and pasting it into any calendar app that takes iCal feeds (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.).

Upcoming Reminders on the Dashboard

Another Calendar specific tool is located on the Dashboard. On the right hand side there is an area called Coming Up. This area shows upcoming due dates for assignments, discussions, etc. and also has quick links to View Grades and to View Calendar.

Screenshot of Dashboard of Canvas that is calling out the Coming Up area on the right side.