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Calendar - Global Navigation

Click the Calendar icon on the Global Navigation Menu to view a calendar that displays upcoming deadlines and events from your courses.

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

The events on this calendar will display in the time zone selected in your Account - Settings within Canvas. The default time zone is CST (Central Standard Time).

Screenshot of the Canvas Calendar area. There are arrows and numbers pointing to the view type, sample test, add button, calendar, course list, and Calendar feed.

There are a variety of tools in the Calendar area. Here is a summary of some of them.

  1. View Selector: Use these buttons to select your preferred calendar view: Week, Month, or Agenda
  2. Add Event: The "+" (plus) icon allows you to add your own events/reminders into your Canvas Calendar.
  3. Mini Calendar: The mini calendar allows you to quickly move to a new month or date. You can also navigate to a new month using the arrows at the top of the main calendar.
  4. Events: This is how different due dates, events, and reminders are visualized.
    • Due dates are displayed in the Time Zone set for the user. By default the time zone is set to CST (Central Standard Time) but can be changed in the Account-Settings area.
  5. Course Selector: Checking and unchecking boxes in this section will display or hide course events on the calendar for the respective course.
  6. Calendar Feed: If you wish to sync this calendar into your personal calendar app, the Calendar Feed option allows you to copy a link to this calendar. This can be added to any calendar app that has iCal feed inputs (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, etc.).

Video Walkthrough