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Courses - Global Navigation - Student: Home

A basic Canvas How To on the Courses area of the Global Navigation.

Courses - Global Navigation

The Courses area in the Global Navigation menu allows for the accessing of courses and the specifying of which courses appear in the Dashboard area.

Course Popup

When you click Courses on the left hand Global Navigation menu this popup appears.

Screenshot of the popup that occurs when clicking course in the global navigation menu. This shows the course list of courses on the dashboard and the text All Courses which can be clicked.

This popup lists the courses that are set to appear on your Dashboard. You can also click All Courses here to navigate to a list of all of your courses.

All Courses

Once you have navigated to the All Courses area by clicking Courses and then clicking All Courses you are met with a screen like this.

Screenshot of the All Courses area, this includes a list of enrolled courses which have stars to the left of them that are either empty or filled in orange.

You will see a list of the courses that you are enrolled in. You will see that you have a little star to the left of each course. By clicking this star to make it filled in with orange, it will be a course on your Dashboard if it is published. From semester to semester you can make courses hide from your Dashboard in this way to clean up your Dashboard area.