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Account - Global Navigation - Student: Home

A basic Canvas How To on the Account Area of the Global Navigation.

Account - Global Navigation

This is a How To of the Account area of Canvas. Some of the specific options may differ on your end. This is meant as an overview of the options within that area.

Notifications - Account

The Notifications area within the Account area is where you can update settings in regards to the frequency of receiving the notifications. These Account-level notifications apply to all courses. You can make course specific notification setting changes within each course that will override these settings. 

Screenshot of notifications area of the account area. It shows the area where you can change the notification timeline.

There are several different options for the setting of the frequency of notifications. They are:

  1. Notify Immediately
  2. Daily Summary
  3. Weekly Summary
  4. Notifications Off

Daily notifications will be delivered around 6pm. Weekly notifications will be delivered Saturday between 1pm and 3pm.

Profile - Account

The Profile area allows for the updating of your personal profile within Canvas.

A screenshot of the profile area in Canvas. There is an arrow and a number 1 pointing at a little pencil near the blank avatar area and a number 2 and an arrow pointing at the edit profile button.

  1. If you hover over the blank avatar icon then a little pencil will appear. Clicking this will allow for the uploading of a profile picture.
  2. If you click the Edit Profile button, this allows for the adding of a short biography to your Canvas profile.

Files - Account

The files area that is located with in the Account area makes files from any Canvas course that you are enrolled in accessible from this area. The availability of this section both globally and for each class may differ user to user.

Settings - Account

The Settings area located within the Account area lets individuals make a variety of changes once the Edit Settings button is pressed. Here are a few of the settings that can be changed within this area:

  • Adding additional email address(es) to be notified at
  • Adding additional contact methods to be notified at
  • Changing your default language
  • Changing your default time zone
  • Enabling certain additional features like:
    • Auto Show Closed Captions
    • High Contrast UI
    • Underline Links
    • And more

These settings are user specific and some features may not be available on a user by user basis.

Shared Content - Account

This area is a list of content shared with you. This may not be visible on your end as it is availability is different from user to user.

QR for Mobile Login - Account

The QR for Mobile Login is a QR code specific to you. This gives you and could possibly give others immediate access to your account through the Canvas mobile applications. Please make sure no one is able to capture the image on your screen from your surroundings or from a screen sharing service. If you want to utilize this feature you can scan the QR code from any Canvas mobile app.

Global Announcements - Account

From time to time it is imperative to send out a Global Announcement. This will go out to users and land at the top of the Dashboard area. This area is a repository of the active Global Announcements.