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Overview - Global Navigation - Student: Home

This guide will go into the basics of Global Navigation.

Overview - Global Navigation

Below we will examine the Global Navigation of Walden's Canvas. The Global Navigation Menu is located on the left side of Canvas no matter where you are within Canvas. The icons on that menu provide quick access to features of Canvas that are used regularly.

Global Navigation Menu

Picture of the left hand navigation of Walden's Canvas. From top to bottom it has the Walden W then places to click for the following: Account, Dashboard, Courses, Calendar, Inbox, History, Commons, My Media, Help, and to collapse the menu.

Global Navigation Icons

Account Avatar and the word AccountAccount 

The Account area is used to view and edit your user information, notification settings, and personal files. You could also use the Account are to log out of Canvas.


A small speedometer and the word Dashboard.Dashboard

The Dashboard is the landing page of Canvas when you log in. This area has a course or recent activity view. If course view is selected then cards will display for each course you are in.

A book icon with the word coursesCourses

The Courses icon deploys a menu of both your published and unpublished courses. At the bottom of that list it has "All Courses" which you can click to view all the courses you are enrolled in. 


A calendar icon and the word CalendarCalendar

The Calendar area takes you to a combined calendar of all the courses that you are enrolled in. You can also add your own events into the calendar.


Mail flap icon with word Inbox under it.


The Inbox area is the Canvas messaging system. This can be utilized to communicate with everyone in your course or individual people in your course.



The History area shows your recent Canvas course page view history. This area displays up to three weeks of your Canvas course page view history with the most recent at the top.


Icon of a C with an arrow going left with the word Commons under it.


The Commons area takes you to the Canvas Commons. This area is a place where cross institutional sharing, or just within the institution, of courses or specific parts of courses occurs.


Icon of file folders with a play button on them with the words My Media under them.

My Media

The My Media area takes you to your a list of your Kaltura/My Media uploads. The content in your My Media is user specific unless it is shared with others or embedded in a course.


A circle icon with a question mark in the middle with the word Help under it.


The Help area has resources for assistance with Canvas. This area can look differently for Students, Faculty, and Staff.


Icon of a vertical line on the left with a left pointing arrow almost against it.Collapse

The Collapse feature allows for the removal of the words on the Global Navigation Menu. All that remains are the icons.

Impact Callouts

Some places within Canvas will have popups that are called Impact Callouts. These can be used to help guide you with what a specific area is and how to utilize it. The specific example here is a popup that could occur on the Dashboard of Canvas. This is sample text, you may see one on the dashboard that differs.

A pop up that could occur in Canvas that says The Dashboard at the top, some sample text, and then a check box at the bottom that says Don't show this again

At the bottom of these popups, you can select to not see the specific popup again.