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Overview - Global Navigation: Home

Overview - Global Navigation

To access Canvas, students will log in through the Walden Student Portal and faculty will log in through the Walden Faculty Portal. Both ways will take you to the Home Page of a specific course.

In this module, we will review the Global Navigation of Canvas. The Global Navigation Menu is located on the left side of Canvas and remains static no matter where you are within Canvas. The icons on the Global Navigation Menu provide quick access to features of Canvas that are used regularly.

Please Note: The recommended browsers for Canvas are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

The content of this page is covered in a video below. Click here to navigate directly to the video.

Global Navigation Menu

Picture of the left hand navigation of Walden's Canvas. From top to bottom it has the Walden W then places to click for the following: Account, Dashboard, Courses, Calendar, Inbox, History, My Media, Charlotte, Help, and to collapse the menu.

Global Navigation Icons

Account Avatar and the word AccountAccount 

Click on the Account icon to view and edit your user information, notification settings, and personal files. This icon also allows you to log out of Canvas.


A small speedometer and the word Dashboard.Dashboard

Click the Dashboard icon to view all of your favorited courses you are enrolled in, as well as a list of "to do" items of your courses.


A book icon with the word coursesCourses

Click on the Courses icon to see a menu of your current courses. At the bottom of that list you'll see an option for "All Courses" which you can click to view all courses that you are enrolled in, not just your favorited courses.


A calendar icon and the word CalendarCalendar

Click the Calendar icon to view events and due dates for all courses in which you are enrolled in. In addition, you will also be able to add your own personal events to the same calendar.


Mail flap icon with word Inbox under it.


Click the Inbox icon to access the Canvas messaging system where you can communicate with others in your course(s). Messages which originate in Canvas will also appear in your Walden email.



Click the History icon to view your recent Canvas page view history. This area displays up to three weeks of your Canvas page view history the most recent pages are displayed at the top.


Icon of file folders with a play button on them with the words My Media under them.

My Media

Click the My Media icon to take you to view your My Media/Kaltura uploads. The content in your My Media/Kaltura is user specific unless it is shared with others or embedded in a course.


A owl icon with the word Charlotte under it.Charlotte

(Students Only) Click the Charlotte icon to open the Charlotte Chatbot, who can answer frequently asked questions.



A circle icon with a exclamation mark in the middle with the word Help under it.


Click the Help icon to access resources for assistance with Canvas.


Icon of a vertical line on the left with a left pointing arrow almost against it.Collapse

Click the Collapse icon to minimize or expand the Global Navigation Menu. When collapsed you only see the menu icons. When expanded you will see the menu icons and their titles.

Pop-Up Messaging

You may notice that some pages in Canvas display short pop-up messages. These are designed to help guide you in your use of the Canvas Classroom. An example of one of these messages is visible below.

A pop up that could occur in Canvas that says Global Navigation Menu at the top, some sample text, and then a check box at the bottom that says Don't show this again

At the bottom of these popups, you can select to not see the specific popup again.

Video Walkthrough

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