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Podcast Transcripts:
WriteCast Episode 40: Positive Writing Affirmations, Part 2

Transcripts of Writing Center podcasts.

WriteCast Episode 40: Positive Writing Affirmations, Part 2

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[Introduction music]


BRITTANY: Welcome to WriteCast: A Casual Conversation for Serious Writers. I’m Brittany Kallman Arneson,


BETH: and I’m Beth Nastachowski.


BRITTANY: In this episode, we are sharing positive writing affirmations that you can say out loud to yourself. So before I start with the positive affirmations that you can repeat to yourself, I want to give some quick instructions for how to use this track. This track is meant to be used in a quiet space where you, the listener, can feel comfortable speaking aloud. That might be your car, it might be somewhere in your home. For each listener it will look different. But you want to be somewhere where you can actually speak these words out loud repeating after me. The affirmations work best if they’re spoken aloud. So you can try thinking them if you aren’t somewhere you feel comfortable speaking aloud, but ideally you’ll be able to repeat aloud after me each affirmation. So I will speak the affirmation and then I will leave enough time for you to speak the affirmation repeating after me. And then I’ll move on to the next affirmation.

  • I am always learning.
  • My goal is progress, not perfection.
  • My ideas can impact my field and others in my community.
  • I am going to make progress on my writing today.
  • I don’t need to write a perfect paper on the first draft.
  • I have good ideas to share with the world.
  • I am a better writer today than I was yesterday.
  • And I will be better tomorrow than I am today.
  • I will be kind to myself as I write.
  • I will accept the time I spend on my writing today as enough.
  • I ask good questions and offer appropriate solutions.
  • My writing helps others.
  • I will take my writing project one page at a time.
  • I am going to put away distractions and focus on my writing.
  • I am dedicated, smart, and capable. I can do this.
  • My hard work today will pay off.
  • My writing has the power to shape positive social change.

Congratulations! You have completed today’s positive writing affirmations. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you next time!




BRITTANY: WriteCast is a production of the Walden University Writing Center. This episode was produced by me, Brittany Kallman Arneson; my co-host, Beth Nastachowski; and our colleague, Anne Shiell.