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DRWA Courses


DRWA 8000G/8001G Doctoral Writing Assessment is part of Walden’s commitment to help prepare students to meet the university’s expectations for writing in courses at the doctoral level.  The DRWA 8000G course is required for students in quarter-based programs; DRWA 8001G is required for students in semester-based programs. Both courses are 4 weeks long, carry zero credits, and are free of charge. 
Students will be enrolled automatically in DRWA 8000G or DRWA 8001G after they complete their first full quarter or first 8-week semester in their your doctoral program. In this 4-week course, students will write and upload a short academic essay (up to 250 words). The essay topic is available only in the course – it cannot be provided to students before the course begins – and the topic changes regularly across terms.  This essay is the only assignment in DRWA 8000G/80001G.  After students submit that essay, their work in the DRWA 8000G/8001G course is complete. 

Essays will be scored by a team of writing assessors in the Center for Academic Excellence. The essay’s score determines required or recommended writing support to be completed beginning in students’ next quarter or semester. All required writing support courses must be satisfactorily completed within 1 year of completing the DRWA 8000G/8001G course.

For more information, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions about the DRWA 8000G/8001G course.