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What students are saying about the benefits of the Doctoral Writing Assessment

"Thank you for directing me to very useful resources that I can tap into to continue developing my writing skills and learning."

"At first I was upset with myself about the requirement to take this course. Following the information I learned in this course, I really believe this course should be a requirement for everyone to take on their doctoral journey."


Walden University recognizes the centrality of writing to students’ work as scholar-practitioners. The writing assessment is required for all students who start, readmit to, or change specializations into doctoral programs at Walden University in the university catalog for academic year 2017 or later. 

This writing assessment provides students the opportunity to strengthen their skills as needed in summary, organization, paraphrase, synthesis, and other areas fundamental to doctoral-level writing. In providing this assessment, we aim to help prepare students to meet the university’s expectations for doctoral-level writing. We want to help give students writing tools and practice for success throughout their coursework. 

Here are ways to learn more about the writing assessment requirement:

  • Webinar -- How To Complete Your Doctoral Writing Assessment Requirement: This short webinar describes steps for you to follow to finish your assessment requirement.
  • Watch the video below for a conversation with Walden’s Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Eric Riedel, about the importance of strong writing at the doctoral level. 
  • Use the buttons to the left to navigate this website. Our Frequently Asked Questions section has answers to over 40 questions students ask about this university requirement.

If you have questions or comments about the assessment, please contact the doctoral writing assessment team at We will be happy to assist you.