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What students are saying about the benefits of the Doctoral Writing Assessment

"Thank you for directing me to very useful resources that I can tap into to continue developing my writing skills and learning."

"At first I was upset with myself about the requirement to take this course. Following the information I learned in this course, I really believe this course should be a requirement for everyone to take on their doctoral journey."


The purpose of the doctoral writing assessment is to assess students' writing skills at the beginning of their doctoral program and to strengthen those skills relevant to doctoral coursework such as summary, organization, paraphrasing, synthesis, grammar, and mechanics. New doctoral students are not expected to demonstrate the same writing skills of Walden students who have completed their doctoral coursework and are ready to write a dissertation or doctoral study.

The doctoral writing assessment is a requirement for all doctoral students who start at Walden University for the academic year 2017 or later. It is also a requirement for doctoral students who change programs or readmit to programs prior to the completion of the research sequence. To learn more about the writing assessment requirement, review the following resources: