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WMBA 6608 Healthcare Financial Management and Economics: Welcome & Course Readings

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Course Readings

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Colla, C. H., Lewis, V. A., Shortell, S. M., & Fisher, E. S. (2014). First national survey of ACOs finds that physicians are playing strong leadership and ownership roles. Health Affairs, 33(6), 964–971.

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Glied, S., & Miller, E. A. (2015). Economics and health reform: Academic research and public policy. Medical Care Research and Review, 1–16.

Khullar, D., Chokshi, D., Kocher, R., Reddy, A., Basu, K., Conway, H., & Rajkumar, R. (2015). Behavioral economics and physician compensation—Promise and challenges. New England Journal of Medicine, 372(24), 2281–2283.

McClellan, M. (2015). Accountable care organizations and evidence-based payment reform. Journal of the American Medical Association, 313(21), 2128–2130.

Mitton, C., Dionne, F., & Donaldson, C. (2014). Managing healthcare budgets in times of austerity: The role of program budgeting and marginal analysis. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 12(2), 95–102.

Other Readings

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