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Faculty Development: Faculty Webinars

Faculty Webinars from the Writing Center

The Writing Center produces webinars to help faculty support student writers, with topics including APA guidelines, scholarly writing, Writing Center resources, and specific topics for undergraduate, master's, doctoral, and doctoral capstone faculty. These webinars include information as well as interactive features and Q&A.

Faculty members can attend our 1-hour, free webinars in two ways:

Live: Attend the session with your peers so you can discuss with them and ask questions of Writing Center staff in real time. Check our schedule for upcoming events.

Recorded: All Writing Center webinars are recorded so you can watch them at your convenience. Explore our faculty webinar archive for links to recordings by topic. Each recording also allows you to see discussion and the questions we answered during the webinar, access links to related resources we provided, and download the presenter's PowerPoint slides and handouts.

Learn more about attending webinars and watching their recordings on our Technical Information page. If you have questions at any point, contact Amber Cook.