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Welcome to your Walden e-Guide!

This e-Guide links you to essential resources from the Walden community to help you succeed at Walden.  If you want to find answers to your questions, locate contact information, or learn more about available resources and services, click on the tabs or search using the “Quick Answers” search box.

Student Tip of the Week!

Review every tip given by each student and then remember that is what worked for them based on their choices and desires. Craft an individual plan and study schedule based on your specific dynamics learning style and career goal and objectives. If you are not familiar with the learning styles they are: Visual (spatial), Aural (hearing sounds and music) physical (kinetic) and verbal (linguistic). Everyone comprehends at different levels, so do not stress out if you may have to read an article, paper or assignment three times to get your understanding and someone else may only just have to scan over it. Additionally, this journey is for you! Oftentimes people say I did it for Mom, Dad, sister, brother, children and while that is great, the level of joy and accomplishment derived from your efforts will only be felt internally by you. Not everyone will be as appreciative of your efforts as you may like, think they should or express it the way you desire. So if you stay focused on you, those reactions will have minimal effect (jealously is real and can come from all angles. Some maay even accuse you of thinking you are better than they are for desiring a different life path). Lastly, this endeavor is being undertaken NOT because of a specific situation or circumstance, HOWEVER in spite of it. Good journey in your educational goals and objectives.

-Stacy D. Witherspoon

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