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Please note: Walden is migrating all students to the Microsoft Office 365 suite. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the Office 365 Technology Support website

Welcome to your Walden e-Guide!

This e-Guide links you to essential resources from the Walden community to help you succeed at Walden.  If you want to find answers to your questions, locate contact information, or learn more about available resources and services, click on the tabs or search using the “Quick Answers” search box.

Student Tip of the Week!

In the months prior to beginning your courses at Walden University spend a LOT of time in the writing center getting yourself reacquainted to the APA writing style. I have found that many of my fellow students (and myself) have been out of school for several years and have forgotten about APA. While it is imperative that you learn how to navigate through the classroom and where to find things within Walden, you REALLY need to be prepared on day 1 to be writing in APA format. Do yourself a HUGE favor, buy your APA book early and read it thoroughly before classes start!!.

-Erin Spousta

Plugged into the Walden Community